Hiawassee Georgia, Lake chatuge

Palm Peach rental from the back deck November 2019

This was taken on lake chatuge back in the summer 2019. Here is the website I booked the paddle boarding excursion. https://southernwatertrails.com/

He also has his Golden Retriever that comes along with him.

First time with stand up paddle boarding and I fell once. I like to think I have balance like a cat. Even cats fall at times. Definitely try lake paddle boarding on a lake first before ocean.I can’t imagine moving water underneath me and trying to stay balanced. I only got a few ripples of water from boats but this isn’t a crowded lake. This is a man made lake and it’s very quiet and beautiful up here.

Above photo take at Gibbs Garden

Gibbs Garden

Gibbs Garden Georgia

Somewhere getting lost in the beautiful leaves.

Foliage chaser and dream maker!!!!!!

I’m not affiliated with HomeAway but I have stayed at this property a few times and love it! You can also find the listing on different sites and sometimes it can be a little less or more. Great view of lake chatuge, when its not cloudy you can see some beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Just google palm peach Hiawassee Georgia and research what site has the best deals.

Above photo is sunrise photo in the winter a few years ago.

Bell Mountain Georgia

Bell mountain Georgia

Bell Mountain November 2019

Bell Mountain

Rosegold sunsets lake chatuge Georgia

Palm Peach rental again different year and different season. This was the summer.
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